Chuu's New Player Interview

Val Admin posted Mar 9, 18  -  player interviews

Secret: he spawned the llama in the sink

Chuu giving his llama a bath (resource pack is Pixel Perfection)

I thought it would be fun if we started doing new (and old!) player interviews so we could all get to know each other better. Everyone, please help me welcome Chuu_Akamine, our newest player! I asked him a few questions to help everyone get to know him.

First off, please tell us a bit about yourself.

ayoooo everyone, my real name is Minh, but usually referred to myself as Mark in school, i prefer people calling me Chuu tho, as it is my nickname for always pouting into heartshaped lips back in the day XD, and i'm from Vietnam but living in Australia to study Pathology and Pharmacology right now. I am quite a cheerleader in Second Life and had quite an influence in the squad and i'm proud of it, i am called Magical Chuu or Magical Cheerleader within the squad as i loveeeeeeeee magic and play with them all the time. Furthermore, i'm quite a huge fan of medieval stuffs, giant mecha and ice cream lol :D

What are you proud of but never have the chance to talk about?

Personally, i'm proud that i have a lot of influences on the events and performances of the Second Life largest Cheerleading squad, SLCS.

What's your favorite smell?

food, mainly bbq meat yayyyyy

What can you talk about for hours?

i can talk about just almost anything and i guess i do know how to keep the conversation going but just no politics or sexual related stuffs

What are you looking forward to doing in Minecraft and why?

Looking forward to explore, to survive, to play minigames with the Val's squad cuz it would be very fun, i like it alot just by talking and watching them the other day

Pick something near you. Why is it important to you?

My phone, cuz it's my map and my call to get home lol 

Thanks for the interview, Chuu! I'm so glad to have you on Tanglewood. I asked him if he would be alright with me opening the comments up so you guys could ask him more questions if you wanted, and he said that's fine, so ask away!

Val Admin I know you want more questions from me. :p What’s one superpower you would NOT want?
Ortzu Admin Good to have you on! I'd like you to think about one of your favorite places in Vietnam (physical location) and des...
Zilvur Chat Mod Nice meeting yah! My question is what first got you into cheerleading?

Please note the paintball in the upper left

Paintball game played during our first Minigame Night, featuring BubbaFet, BatmanR6, Zilvur, and Ortzu is somewhere

Hey everyone! Happy 2018!! Hope everyone had a great Christmas and happy New Year, especially with all the goodies everyone got thanks to the Advent calendar and Secret Santa! But before we move on to what’s next, let’s take a look at what happened on Tanglewood this past year!

Live Maps. Here we got an awesome live map of the survival world, and the netherworld! You can see who's on, where they are, and totally stalk them!!! Just kidding…

Kargeth. You gotta do a bit of parkour (we could all use the practice!) but it’s accessible and amazeballs. It’s been years and we still explore it every now and then!

Public Farms. We got a squid and skelies and zombie farms that are available for everyone!

Plotworld. This one was probably my favorite! You’d think being limited to a 40 by 40 [total guess] it’d stink but it’s some of the most fun you can have!

We celebrated Tanglewood's 2nd B-day and a great Easter egg hunt!

(That I totally won cuz I’m amazeballs)

The Advent Calendar that is still up so don’t waste time and go check it out!!!

I started being a bit more active and started things like “Guess How Many Ornaments Are On That Tree!” and “Secret Santa: New Year’s Edition!”

We can now claim stuff in the Nether!

We also have an Instagram page that you should totally follow!

Also it’s been a year on Tanglewood's Discord!

We’ve also had to fix a buncha stuff this year. :x First, let’s give Ortzu and V a big pat on the back for doing a ton of behind the scenes stuff! Thanks for making a great server and keeping it running! Now let's get into some of the stuff we could see.

- Hide N Seek

- Build battle and

- Spleef mini games borked and are now working!

- Signs on the hub ship

- Standing on lily pads/fences/iron bars in survival

- Signs with [Free] on them would give you UNLIMITED things o.o /cough

This year we wanted to hand out an MVP. This person put a lot of time in just playing, helping, and donating to the server. Everyone is appreciated, but we wanted to give this person a special mention! This year’s MVP is….. (Drum rolllllllllll……..)



She’s built countless farms! A guardian and witch farm with 2 notable ones being the tree farms where she held a tree farm contest and a LOT of the wood was donated to the Greatoak! Added a few stops on the train tracks for a bit of scenery! So thank you ReaperedMD!

Also a special mention to _TheRubY_!


Who totally came in 2nd, he was only with us a short time but it was so special.

Wow, so that was a lot! But we’re not done yet. This year we hope to do just as much, and maybe a bit more! Mini-Game Fun Hour should be coming either weekly, or bi-weekly! A Plotworld Server Challenge will be coming soon where we ask everyone to build something and then all vote on the best one! A few more holiday games/gifts! Tanglewood’s THIRD B-day! (Man Tanglewood, you old now) Questions/riddles/jokes on the website, and more!

Who is your LEAST favorite superhero?

Val Admin I don't really have a least favorite either, but I just watched all the Defenders shows and Iron Fist was kind of w...
Zilvur Chat Mod My least favorite used to be Aquaman but then in the new movie.... oh my...
ReaperMD My least favorite is......... well? I don't have a least favorite. My FAVORITE superhero, however, is BatmanR6. I m...

Changelog for September 2017

Val Admin posted Oct 4, 17  -  changelogMinigamesRPG

Am I me? Am I Reaper? I don't know! Shaders are Sildur's Vibrant Shaders 1.141 High

I still don't know what I was waiting for, but we finally updated the Discord chat bot. The biggest change is that all commands now start with a period. I still think that .wowjoke is where it's at. Copy-pasted from the Discord #announcements channel:

I will be redoing the Tanglebot command list when I have time, but for now please use this list. Please note that the NSFW and music functions are disabled!

We also updated the server version from 1.12.1 to 1.12.2.

I added a couple of pages to the website. For your viewing pleasure (if you know the password), I present The Moderator Guide. This page is a work in progress and will probably be edited. I'm also working on an "About the Server" page and an "About the Staff" page.

Build Battle was updated, which makes SkyWars our only current non-functioning minigame. Yus.

The server survived the hurricane! We only had about a day's worth of downtime.

Made the changelog post titles more human-readable. I took the titles of all the past changelog posts (like this one) and changed the title from "Changelog 2017/08" to "Changelog for August 2017" and such.

There were a couple of behind-the-scenes things done to prepare the server for Move to Oz Take Two. We are trying to make it as smooth as possible. If everything goes well, there should be no change for y'all. We are going to move at the end of the month, so October's changelog post will most likely be late.

Re-imported Zilvur's castle in RPG. It's much more medieval now. (There's a secret passage!)

Made the hub autumnal. :fallen_leaf:

Zilvur learned that two people fit in a boat in MC. You can also move mobs, which reminds me that I need to take Egon out of the guardian farm.

I started doing a "Question of the day" with blog posts. Oh look, here comes one now!

Where's the most interesting place you've ever lived?






ReaperMD North Carolina! It was interesting because all the thoughts i had going there was a slap in the face. I thought i was pr...
Zilvur Chat Mod I lived in New York. Maybe because I was born in New York I always felt cool to say I'm from there. I hope to go ba...
Val Admin I'll answer my own question and say that I lived in New Mexico, which I thought was pretty interesting. It's w...

Changelog for August 2017

Val Admin posted Sep 1, 17  -  changelogPlotworldRPG

This month was a doozy, y'all. Image courtesy of Zilvur.

Plotworld is back up! I imported all the old builds from the previous map. The new plots are larger than the old ones, so there is extra space around your old builds. There are a couple of builds I imported that have not been claimed by their owners. If it is not originally your claim, don't claim it. Since it's using a different plugin, there are some key differences. They include:

  • New commands (there are more on the boards at spawn)
    • Why is this indent so far over
    • All commands work with /plot or the alias /p
    • /p claim to claim the plot you are in
    • /p auto to claim the next available plot
    • /p help for a big list of commands and info
    • /p trust <name> to let a person edit your plot
    • /p add <name> to let a person edit your plot, but only if you are online
    • /p info for information about the plot you are in
    • /p remove <name> to revoke editing priviliges to someone you added to your plot with /p trust
    • /p deny <name> does something. Someone please science this for me and report. Thanks. (It sounds like it should prevent someone from entering your plot.)
    • /p delete to clear a plot and remove you as owner. A total reset.
    • /p clear to remove everything from the plot but keep the claim
    • /p merge to remove the road and merge two, three, or four of your plots together. Choose your spaces wisely.
    • /p unmerge to do what you expect it would do
    • /p biome <biome type> to change the biome of your plot. If you just do /p biome you'll get a list of available biomes.
  • Maximum four plots per person
  • I made a crappy temporary spawn. There are signs listing the main commands, and signs to change the weather and time of day. Y'welcome.
  • Mobs can be spawned on your plots. If this is abused (e.g. spawning in a ton of mobs, thus causing the world to lag) it will be removed. If mobs wander onto the street, they go poof and vanish.
  • Unclaimed plots are surrounded by stone slabs, and claimed plots have quartz slabs (and a sign displaying the owner in the northwest corner). Oh, and when you enter the plot a popup will show you the location and owner.

RPG is now accessible. You gotta do some parkour to get to the entrance, and that's all I'm gonna say about that, since it's not really ready for the public. Right now, it's only for looking at. None of the neat stuff has been implemented properly. People who find themselves there have the ability to fly, cannot interact with mobs, blocks or chests, and will take no damage. Feel free to explore and find the house you wanna claim. There is one issue we couldn't solve: you can break fires. Do not put out fires. If you break a fire, please tell someone on Discord, noting the coords. No hard feelings. If I find that you broke a fire without fessing up, you will no longer be allowed in RPG until its full release.

Spawn points for new players have changed. Apparently you can't have spawn be indoors, which I think is ridiculous, so we created a workaround. First-time joiners will now spawn on the roof, y'know, like they were doing before, but will be instantly warped to the proper spawn point.

Guest rank timer reduced from 15 to 10 minutes. It just seemed a little too long. The rank timer is a work in progress. Each new world you join should require you to wait 10 minutes before you can break anything.

See our new rank and commands page here for more info about what you can and can't do in guest and member ranks. Some of the commands may be outdated, but I am actively updating this page.

Some minigames have been fixed, including Hide and Seek and Spleef. PaintWar still has some issues, but it will now autostart when two or more players join.

Reaper made a fancy new witch farm in survival. Coords are roughly 100, 2650 (it's due south from spawn). The entrance to the collection area is in the water. I'm preeeetty sure it's not open to the public yet, but I bet if you ask her very nicely, she'd share the some of the loot with you. Maybe bake her a cake. I hear she's low on cakes.

We had a lovely new player connect. Her name is Mimi (MimiMous3), and if you see her online again please say hello. She's never played MC before, so let's show her the ropes.

Edited admin claims in survival. You can see them on the new live map. The following areas have had claims changed or added: spawn, Dome Village, Mushroom Transit, whatever the heck the other station is called Birch Forest Transit, the squid farm, The Inferno, the guardian farm, and the zombie farm. By the way, most of these builds were built by ReaperMD and donated to the server for public use. Thanks, Reaper. <3

Fixed the signs in the boat at spawn. When you click on some, but not all, of the signs in the lowest chamber, a link going to the builder's page will pop up in chat. If you have a site for one of the uncredited builders, let us know and we'll add it.

New recipes added for saddles and horse armor. Please notice that there are two ways to make diamond horse armor. And, yes, the banners for iron and gold horse armor must be black and red respectively. The recipes are as follows:

Whispers are pink now. Any resemblance to a certain game with a babe called Khadgar is purely coincidental.

Referrals! We did it! I've been promising them for a bazillion years, and they're finally active! (In survival.) Referring is simple. When someone refers you to Tanglewood, type /referred by <playername> in chat, being sure to you, y'know, substitute "<playername>" with their name. If you spell their name wrong, it'll give you suggestions of players with names similar to what you typed. You and the person who referred you will both get $100 added to your in-game wallets. Both parties must be member rank or higher. A big thank you to Ortzu, who finally conquered the beast known as MySQL to bring us referrals. Word of caution: only use this legitimately, meaning if someone didn't refer you, don't say they did. On the flip side, don't ask people to say you referred them.

SkyWars and BuildBattle are still broken. I didn't find a replacement for BB, so it may be permanently gone. I will try to re-add SkyWars.

Ortzu has been working on the Greatoak. We'll see if we can progress to the "actually having something to show for it in-game" phase.

Chairs sometimes still bite people. We'll keep trying to fix it.

Skyblock, creative, and hide and seek worlds had the players' online time reset. We'll readd your total playtimes.

I need a break after these last two months. If you need me, I'll be wandering around the RPG world, thinking up new lore.




ReaperMD You guys are doing a great job on the server. I can't wait to see ortzu's tree and the RPG world! ill have to ...
Zilvur Chat Mod Thanks for your hard work, you deserve that break and more! Here's a biting chair if anyone's interested: htt...
Val Admin To be fair, the indent was over a lot farther in the preview.

Changelog for June and July 2017

Val Admin posted Aug 9, 17  -  changelogevents

So much digging.

We updated to 1.12. This update was slightly smoother than the last one, but there were some things that went awry. Firstly, the chat plugin broke and we got a new one, which shows when people log on and off and move from server to server. There was a while where you could PvP in survival, but that was fixed before anyone could notice (I believe). Some of the minigames broke, and we are working to fix them.

Live survival map. Now everyone, not just admins, can creep on people! Read more here.

Imported the lost build in creative. Okay, here's what happened: I thought I had set up the config so that builds would last forever, but apparently I didn't. The build reached a certain age and *poof!* Vanished. I pasted the build back in, found the offending line in the config and changed it. It shouldn't happen again. Apologies to Ortzu and BatmanR6 for letting their build disappear into the night. Also, while I was in there fixing stuff I found a rollercoaster built on a village. No one has taken credit for it yet. Did you build a sweet rollercoaster for the villagers?

More work on the guardian farm. Reaper held an event where we dug the farm down to bedrock and awarded three diamonds per filled crate to everyone who helped. After a few days of nothing but dig dig dig, it was all dug out. By the end, more than a thousand stacks of cobble alone had been mined. It looks amazing, though. There is also a slime farm. You can read more about it here.

Work was done on the RPG server. It is still aaaages away from being released as a playable map, but it is almost at a place where we can reopen it for exploring purposes only. You'll be able to fly around and see the sights, won't get hungry or take damage, and can find that perfect medieval house that you want.

Added Instagram to the website. Ooo, pretty pictures.

Ortzu been working on behind the scenes stuff. Mostly things that no one will see but make the whole thing run a lot better. And things that we'll announce in the future. Also, the endless task of updating. So much updating. Thanks, Ortzu!

Changed hologram on the boat in the hub. The one that tells you where to find the RPG portal is now easier to see. It was kinda hidden, and now it's right there in your face and impossible to miss.

Changed the tab list just a smidge. $10 in game to anyone who can tell me what's different.

Little tweaks were done on the website as well. There were some lines that were still green that we finally found and turned into wood. Stuff like that.

I made a webhook that should post all tweets (but not replies, because that could get spammy) from mctanglewoodco to the announcements channel on Discord. I will test it by tweeting about this post. Did it work? :o I tested it when I released the survival map, and it worked fine (although it had the wrong name).

I am not in Australia. :(

Referrals should be done within the next month. I wrote this post last month and originally said that referrals were done, but then we hit a snag that ended up being a pretty big deal. Ortzu has been working on setting it up for about two weeks solid now (it involves creating a database). It's been a lot of frustrating work, but he thinks it'll be done and working soon.

Hide and Seek needs a lot of work. It seems perma-busted, but we'll keep trying to fix it.

All those other broken minigames, too.

Greatoak SoonTM etc., etc.

While working on the boat hologram, I remembered that the command blocks on the boat are broken. We will either fix them or remove them.

RPG re-release as mentioned above.

I'm working on a secret project that I gave you a sneak peek of on Discord when I asked for opinions choosing a block. Did anyone recognize it? Hint: it's a server.

The command page is very nearly done. Soclose.












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